February 11, 2024

Aura Color Meaning - How the Colors of the Aura Can Affect a Person's Life and Relationships

A person's aura, or personal energy field, provides insight into their spiritual level and emotional state. Recognized worldwide by spiritual and holistic communities alike, its colors change according to one's mood, intentions or emotions; therefore this article reveals nine fundamental aura color meanings which could provide useful clues into one's life or relationships.

Red A predominant red aura indicates that you primarily operate through your Root Chakra and are grounded and secure within yourself. Red is a potency aura color which can help overcome challenges in life with courage and leadership qualities.

ORANGE An orange aura can reveal that you value intimate relationships and seek excitement, passion and emotionally charged experiences. Additionally, it reveals that your Sacral Chakra is open and willing to love. Muddied shades may indicate you're selfless giver who sacrifices personal needs in favor of others.

GREY Gray in your aura can indicate blocked body parts and an unwillingness to share information. It can also represent unresolved anger or grief as well as feelings of fear and anxiety, although lighter shades could indicate strong spiritual connections and communicating effectively with spirit.

Olive green symbolizes both Earth and Wood elements, signifying wealth, balance, peace, self-respect, wisdom, growth and harmony - which makes it an excellent aura color choice for teachers, healers and managers. Meditation with olive green crystals such as Olivine Serpentine Hiddenite Moldavite in an East direction may enhance this aura color even further.


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