March 28, 2024

Aura Color Meaning

aura color meaning

Auras are fascinating energy fields that offer insight into one's emotional health and spiritual progress. Although most auras tend to move toward the higher frequencies of blues, indigos and violets over time, each hue holds its own significance in this vast universe.

As an example, if someone displays vibrant emerald green aura colors it indicates their happiness with life in general and their strong connection to nature; this hue is frequently seen among healers and creative types. Conversely, dull or brownish green shades could signify victim mentality issues or difficulty letting go of past hurts.

Other aura colors like Gray can show how people connect with emerging concepts and can adapt to ever-evolving times. A large concentration of black in one's aura could indicate they are struggling to let go of anger they have been suppressing for too long; conversely, an abundance of gold may indicate an advanced soul who receives divine guidance through angels and ascended masters.

Even though auras cannot be scientifically demonstrated, many spiritual practices and philosophies believe they do exist. If you are curious about aura colors and want to discover more, seek guidance from a spiritual advisor for a reading on each hue in your aura's meaning; otherwise strive for balance and self-control with regards to its positive or negative manifestations.


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