January 30, 2024

Aura Color Meaning

aura color meaning

Color is said to provide insight into a person's inner state, beliefs, and energy field. Aura colors can change depending on life experiences and emotions they are currently going through; individuals may notice new hues appear after making major life changes such as getting married or moving locations.

Aura colors have long been linked with your chakras - energy centers in your body that connect to the universe - and each chakra is associated with its own color; your aura colors reveal what kind of energy is flowing toward those chakras.

Light blue is associated with the Throat Chakra and represents communication, trust and self-expression. People with this aura tend to be natural communicators and tend to follow their intuition; many also possess foresight skills which may come in handy during healing, oratory, leadership or political decisions. It's no surprise this color often graces healers, orators leaders and politicians' auras!

PURPLE/VINETTE symbolizes the Crown Chakra, and is associated with spiritual awakening, psychic abilities, and profound understanding of the universe. Such individuals can often be found amongst shamans, healers and yogis.

People with green auras are connected to the Heart Chakra, and love unconditionally. Additionally, these individuals tend to be great healers and nurturers; furthermore they tend to be very grounded and balanced individuals, who balance ambition with community spirit; oftentimes these individuals can communicate from their hearts while aiding others on their spiritual paths.


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