February 19, 2024

Are There Any Side Effects of Weighted Blankets?

Sleep is indeed a powerful medicine. That said, one of the proven solutions for better Zzzzs is weighted blankets. From insomnia to anxiety, the health benefits are endless. But do they have negative repercussions? One might wonder.

Well, when you curl up or stretch out into your favorite sleeping position under a weighted blanket, your bodily functions carry on as normal. Basically, your brain takes it as a signal that you are prepared to unwind. You can enjoy its gentle pressure without the worry of extreme side effects.

Weighted blankets are mostly safe for adults. When it comes to children or people with respiratory or cardiac health conditions, however, their use should be avoided. Understandably, despite the proven popularity of weighted blankets, they might not be everyone's cup of tea. Read on to understand why.

The Downside of Weighted Blankets

Unsuitable for Traveling

Convenience is key as we travel, which is why light items that are easy to pack and move around are the most ideal. If you are too attached to the YNM weighted blankets, we have some travel friendly options so worry not.

You can also check out tips on how to easily travel with one. If you find tagging the weighted blanket as too much of a hassle, there is no harm in leaving at your premises.

Takes Some Getting Used To

Every personal experience with a new weighted blanket is unique. You might instantly ‘bond’ with a fresh purchase or adapt with time. If it takes longer, just trust the process. Also, some people enjoy sleeping with these blankets on a daily basis while some use them occasionally.

Slight Discomfort

There are two categories of sleepers; hot and cold. A weighted blanket is perfect for a cold sleeper. A hot sleeper, on the other hand, might feel uncomfortable. Most materials used to fill weighted blankets trap a regulated amount of heat so you enjoy the warmth. Hold up! YNM offers a collection of cooling weighted blankets for hot sleepers so you don't feel like you are inside an oven.


Of Course, the added benefits of weighted blankets will come at an additional cost compared to its fleece throws and quilts counterparts. They are more costly but will offer you value for your money.

Common Weighted Blankets Myths

Myth #1: Weighted Blankets Pose Harsh Side Effects

As long as you do your homework on the suitability of weighted blankets before a purchase, the risk during use is minimal. The weight and size are the key considerations you should make. If you are facing any health problems, seek advice from a healthcare expert on whether you can use one.

The best thing about the YNM weighted blankets is that they come in a wide range of weights and sizes so you can choose one that best suits you.

Myth # 2: All Weighted Blanket Brands Are Similar

Manufacturers with the main focus on large-scale production often throw weighted blankets into the market that have a constant overall weight. Welp! At YNM, each weighted blanket tells its story. There is more to them than making them heavy. It is an important feature, but we also focus on ensuring the filing in our blankets doesn't shift around.

How? We ensure even weight distribution per sq. Moreover, our glass bead fillings are of the ideal number and size.

Myth # 3: Weighted Blankets Increase Chronic Pain

In contrast, weighted blankets actually make chronic pain more bearable. According to UC San Diego research, they are a proven solution for minimizing the perception of this pain.

Myth # 4: Weighted Blankets Are Overpriced

Yes, you need to plan for a weighted blanket if you are working with a tight budget, as they are more costly. Good news is, that YNM has all options; whether you are looking to invest in a classy expensive weighted blanket or a pocket friendly but quality one. Ensure you go for the option within your budget and have all the properties you desire.

Are Weighted Blankets Suitable for Kids?

The little ones are one category of those who should not use the weighted blanket. They can hardly maneuver inside one. When this happens while they are having breathing difficulties, it can lead to serious implications like suffocation. SIDS is another risk of covering your infant with a weighted blanket. The weighted blanket is heavy for a child's weight hence can prevent adequate blood circulation


Before purchasing a weighted blanket for medical purposes, ensure you seek weight, size, and frequency of use recommendations from a healthcare professional. Breastfeeding or pregnant people should also seek professional advice. At YNM we offer quality weighted blankets for different needs. Contact us today!


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