April 17, 2023

Are Friendships With Benefits Good For You?

which of the following statements accurately describes the research about friends with benefits

Friends are great for people who want to improve their social life, but they can also be a source of stress and lead to unhealthy lifestyle choices. That's why it's important to know the signs of a friendship that may not be healthy for you.

If you are in a friendship with someone who is only interested in spending time with you when they need something from you, that's a red flag. They may not have any positive feelings for you, so you shouldn't be in that relationship.

Friendships are an essential part of your social life and can make you happier. They can help you cope with stress, lower your blood pressure and heart disease risk, and help you find meaning in your life.

They are a healthy way to meet new people and share your ideas. They can also be a support system for you when you are dealing with a difficult time in your life.

You might not always agree on things, but a friend will try to understand your point of view and make an effort to get along with you.

In a recent survey, 81% of respondents said that consistent sex is one of the biggest perk of having a friend with benefits. But there are also non-physical benefits like mutual respect, having someone you can trust and being more open to experimentation sexually.

In the end, FWB relationships don't seem to be any more likely to end well than those that become romantic. Researchers have found that it is a combination of communication and aligned expectations that make these relationships successful.


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