July 17, 2023

Angel Bites

Angel bites are two symmetrical piercings placed above your top lip to the right and left. These piercings give you an edgy and bold look while adding symmetry to your face.

The procedure for this piercing is not too different from other piercings. First, the piercer sterilizes the area and marks the spots where you want to get the piercing with a sterile marker.

It is important to visit an experienced and certified piercer for this type of piercing. The piercer should also use new packed tools and equipment to ensure that there are no germs.

You should expect some initial swelling and irritation in the days immediately after the piercing. If the symptoms persist for a week or more, you should see your doctor as they may be signs of an infection.

To avoid infections, you should clean the piercing twice a day using saline solution or a sterile mouthwash. You should also avoid touching the piercing with dirty hands and refrain from chewing gum or smoking.

While you can adorn this type of piercing with any jewelry, labret studs are the most common choice. If you want to be a little more daring, you can also wear shiny long barbells that remind you of the antennae of crayfish. In either case, you should choose a material that is hypoallergenic and biocompatible like titanium or solid gold (14k). You can also go for metals made from polymers such as PTFE or Bioplast which are flexible and easy on the skin.


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