September 16, 2022

Alexis Santos Meditation: Insight Meditation

Alexis Santos Meditation

Who is Alexis Santos and why is his meditation so important? His meditations are considered insight meditations. They are extremely beneficial for learning and using tools that can help you see things more clearly. It is a great method for creating a more mindful and creative mind, body and soul. Check out the Alexis Santos Meditation below.

Alexis Santos Meditation

Alexis Santos graduated from Harvard with a degree in medicine. However, it was while he was traveling through India that his life took a different path. He learned about mindfulness meditation and spirituality. He started practicing insight meditation. Alexis believed so much in it, that he started to teach his own meditations. He has traveled all over the world teaching at meditation resorts. Additionally, he is also featured on the Ten Percent Happier meditation app. His classes are also available online. 

The focus for Alexis Santos’s meditations is to gain self awareness of yourself and the world around you. It’s done in a teachable style, with a mix of practicality and intuition. It’s also easy enough to do on your own, once you have learned the method. 

 His meditations come from the method of insight. It’s a form of Buddhist meditation that has an emphasis on sharp concentration. Concentrate on your mind, body, and the space around you. It’s a self observational meditation. The point is to bring awareness into reality, and leave you with a better understanding of how to deal with situations. Take a look at the video below for more information.

Alexis Santos Meditation

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