March 23, 2023

Abraham Hicks Meditation

The most successful people on the planet practice meditation to increase their concentration level. They also use it to relieve stress and anxiety. The Abraham Hicks meditation is one such practice that can help you achieve a state of bliss and relaxation.

The Law of Attraction: Get Your Energy in Balance, Manifest More Money and Feel More Abundant

This is a guide to the spiritual phenomenon known as “Abraham Hicks” that started with a woman named Esther Hicks who began channeling an interdimensional angelic spirit. This spirit is known to manifest material abundance through a set of principles involving meditation and positive thinking.

A New York Times Best Seller, #1 International Speaker, Founder of The Infinite Intelligence flow she calls “Abraham,” Esther has been conducting weekly workshops for over thirty years. This powerful online format allows the audience to participate in leading edge interactions that are created through focused thoughts, comments and questions, all of which are facilitated by Abraham.

Ask and It Is Given: The Emotional Guidance Scale, Money and the Law of Attraction is a must read for anyone who wants to improve their spiritual or personal development. This book includes a valuable Emotional Guidance Scale that can help you to know where you are emotionally and how to change your vibration.

Get Into the Vortex: The Relationships Guide, The Health Guide and The Financial Guide

This collection of three very in-depth books on The Law of Attraction will show you how to put the principles to work in your life. They explain each aspect of The Law of Attraction in detail, and will give you a full understanding of how it works in your daily life.


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