Meet the Team

Kefi Mind was founded by Justin and David in 2020.


As the co-founder of Kefimind, my background in engineering strengthens our dedication to a health and meditation dialogue that is as precise as it is enlightening. Committed to clarity and mindfulness, I welcome you to join our journey through the nuanced realms of health and well-being.


As a co-founder of Kefimind and an enthusiast of meditative and health sciences, I bring together innovative research and mindful practices in well-being. Inspired by the intricate balance of body and mind, I guide Kefimind towards new frontiers in the harmony of health, meditation, and modern science. Embark with us on this transformative journey.


Head of Sales
Michael Abah, our esteemed Head of Sales, is the heartbeat of Kefi Mind's client communications. He expertly navigates our email networks, ensuring every interaction is efficient and effective in driving our sales and partnerships forward.


Head of Content
Julie, Kefimind's Head of Content, relocated to LA in 2017 to turn her writing passion into a vocation, now concentrating on the intricacies of health and meditation. Her expertise has shaped the narrative of wellness across various platforms, and she continues to be a driving force in the evolution of digital content within the mindful living sphere.


Sales Specialist
Precious is a vital member of Kefi Mind's sales team, known for her prompt and personable email responses. She excels in client communication, ensuring every inquiry is met with professionalism and a keen understanding of our readers' needs.


Parker Ashwood, Kefimind's lead contributor, adeptly navigates the realms of health and meditation. Beyond curating content, he enriches our wellness blog, crafts insightful articles, and explores the frontiers of mindfulness in the digital age.
Welcome to, your guide to mindful living and holistic health. Founded on the principles of scientific rigor and meditative wisdom, we deliver accessible content to enhance mental clarity and physical well-being. Join a community committed to growth and balance, and explore strategies that integrate seamlessly into your life. Discover the power of a mindful approach with Kefimind, where your journey to a healthier, more centered self begins. For more information feel free to contact us.


Welcome to the blog all about your mental, physical and last but not least, your spiritual health, and well-being.
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