March 19, 2023

AA Morning Meditation

aa morning meditation

How to Start a Meditation Practice

Aa morning meditation is a mindfulness practice that helps you focus on your breath and the movement of your body. It can also help you reduce stress, improve your focus, and even boost your energy levels.

It can be a spiritual practice that helps you connect with God, and it may even help you find calmness. This can be especially important if you have feelings of anxiety and self-doubt.

How to Mediate in the Morning

One of the easiest ways to start a meditation practice is by waking up at the same time every day and setting a timer on your phone or alarm clock for 15 minutes. Then, sit in a quiet place and meditate for a few minutes before starting your day.

The Big Book calls this practice the “Morning Watch” or “Quiet Time.” Early AA pioneers did not have Biblical references to morning meditation, but Bill Wilson called it “prayer and meditation” in the Big Book.

Practicing prayer and meditation before you start your day can strengthen your relationship with God and help you become more focused and peaceful throughout the day. You can use this time to read your Bible and choose a prayer or Bible passage that you feel speaks to your heart.

Aa morning meditation can improve your physical and mental health, and it has been shown to shrink the amygdala, a part of the brain that detects threats to your safety. Regular practice can also boost your mood, reduce depression, and ease pain.


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