March 23, 2023

83-Year-Old John Butler - Mystic Approaches and Wonders of Spiritual Unfoldment

john butler meditation

Meditation is a long-standing and ancient practice that has been used to bring calm to the restless mind. For 83-year-old John Butler, it has been an invaluable accompaniment to life on earth – from his early years as one of the first organic farmers on the Lincolnshire Fens to his long and fascinating explorations of spiritual understanding, including lengthy periods in Peru, Africa and several years in Russia.

Throughout his life, John has developed a deep love of nature and a yearning for 'absolute fulfilment'. This combined with his own journey of self-discovery has led him to a number of spiritual breakthroughs that have been described as ‘windows of realization’.

His books, Wonders of Spiritual Unfoldment and Mystic Approaches, are a record of his many discoveries and insights. They take his readers on a fascinating and very personal journey, beginning with the traditional Eastern mantra-style meditation he began in the 1950s and ending with a revelation of how similar his own practice is to Orthodox ‘prayer of the heart’.

He encourages his followers to “Feel your feet on the ground - listen and look” – using simple common sense. This brings the mind to rest – in silence – which may then expand into stillness or peace, spaciousness, freedom and an abiding sense of spiritual presence.

He also urges his viewers to reframe meditation away from being something that serves them, to being an integral part of their life. By consistently attending to the practice, it becomes a habit that is genuinely ingrained. It is something that is always there – no matter how busy life gets.


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