March 10, 2022

8 Minute Meditation: Emotional Spring Cleaning

                                  8 Minute MeditationSpring cleaning doesn’t just have to be in your home. Sometimes it’s important to clean your mind. It’s important to let go of negative emotions, and let go of what is no longer serving you. If you are looking for an ‘emotional spring cleaning’ this short but effective meditation is exactly what you’re looking for. Check out the 8 Minute Meditation below.

8 Minute Meditation 

Right off the bat, this meditation opens with a male voice as your guide. He has a sweet and sensitive voice. He uses the mantra “let go.” Deep breath in “let” deep breath out “go.” I find that if I am stressed or anxious, that cleaning my home, de-cluttering my closet, or getting rid of old clothes that I never wear, seems to help. If our home is clean, we feel more balanced. This point of this meditation is to take that same sentiment, but for your mind-body, and soul.

Sometimes we harbor stress and negativity that doesn't even belong to us. It is very easy to get consumed with other people's negative thoughts. While positivity breeds positivity, negativity also breeds negativity. This is a really great meditation to help let go of stress, anxiety, self-doubt, anger, or insecurity. Getting rid of the negativity that may consume you, allows for positivity to take its place. 

The thing I love about this meditation is that you can do it anywhere. As the guide states, you can do it in bed, or on the floor. Sometimes I find it helpful to even listen while I’m in public with headphones. During this meditation, the guide has you breathing in everything that is bothering you, and literally breathing it out. This physical exhaling makes me feel as if I’m actually lighter. When I’m exhaling with my eyes closed, I can almost see the negative energy leaving me. It leaves me with a sense of calm that I didn’t have moments ago. For anyone wishing to feel lighter, and more positive, this is a really great meditation for you. 

8 Minute Meditation

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