May 11, 2022

8 Best Bodybuilding Tips for Skinny People - Diet, Workout, and Muscle Gain


Being a skinny guy living in this world can be pretty hectic. You will see people telling you to try all kinds of stuff. Most people think that if you increase your calories intake and eat more, eventually you will get to your desired BMI. However, once they start eating, they realize that it is only increasing the fat content in their body and eventually this is causing issues more than helping them in any way. We have seen people developing stubborn belly fat which eventually causes high cholesterol and heart issues while their overall body still stays skinny and lean. The idea here is to develop a good and healthy lifestyle that will help you to develop muscle mass in your body. If you plan out everything in advance and you understand how this will work, you will eventually see the impact on your overall body, especially on your muscles. You will also be able to get rid of any fat-related issues, especially stubborn belly fat.

Experts say that rather than increasing the number of calories without counting them, increase the quality of food and exercise. Your diet needs to comply with the goal so you can easily measure the progress on the way. Most people start their muscle mass journey with full intensity but being a skinny guy the best way to do so is to rely on progressive mass building techniques. Through these techniques, you will start with some basic strength and endurance of your body and eventually, you will be able to balance out the diet and calorie intake with muscle mass ratio.

With the help of this article, we will mainly help you know about the diet and muscle mass balance, we will further help you to know what you should eat and how you should work out to improve the muscle-building process.

What to Eat As a Skinny Guy?

Well if you are skinny and you are just starting to workout you might not be working out too much so start with a good diet.

· Your diet should mainly consist of high-protein food. One of the major mistakes that most people commit is eating a lot of junk food because it is high in calories.

· There is no doubt that junk food is high in calories but it will not have enough nutrients. You will only get fat, carbs, and protein out of it.

· In real life, you need to have a balanced diet that is rich in protein as well as vitamins, minerals, salts, and essential metals. A simple method is to take 6 meals per day. Within these six meals try to eat a good and healthy portion of protein along with some basic carbs.

· You can have 2-3 eggs with grilled chicken breast along with a very small portion of rice. Apart from this, consume fresh fruits and vegetables more so that your body gets the desired essential elements.

How to Work out For Muscle Mass?

Before you jump into the exercise you need to know how muscle mass develops. The main idea is that when you start working out you already have a small portion of muscle on your bones, that is how to move. However, these muscle fibers are very weak and the width is not so well to support a lot of weight.

To make it easier to move, you need to work extra hard and lift more weight. As a result, your muscle fibers will take a lot of beating, and eventually, you will see the muscle fibers getting weaker.

Now with the help of all the protein, you are consuming and by offering your body enough recovery time, you will be converting these extra calories into muscle fiber. You will see eventually the muscle will become stronger and bigger just like you wanted.

The Best Workout That Will Help You Turn Into a Hulk

For this workout try to dedicate the first two weeks just to strength building. You need to invest time so that you can get your body prepared before a hectic lifestyle begins. Now that your body has enough strength try to dedicate the first few minutes of each workout to the warm-up session. Your warm-up session will only consist of simple cardio-based workouts so do not strain your muscles.

Start with a chest press to target the upper body muscles. This will help you get a better cut and more muscle. Just 3-6 sets with 8 reps are enough.

Now move to lie dumbbells with 6 sets and 8 reps and then get to bicep curls with 3 sets and 15 reps. Finally, start the triceps extension with 3 sets and 15 reps, and then complete it off with dumbbell squats with 3 sets and 15 reps only.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up it is more about balancing your calories with the workout if you want good results. Most people eat too much because they want to keep surplus calories but their workout is not good enough to convert the extra calories into muscle so eventually, they end up with a lot of fat. For your workout and diet approach, you need to be consistent but progressive. You aim to increase over time rather than starting with an intense workout and giving up later. Most people start their workout without warm-up which is a recipe for disaster. Try to plan out everything before you start and enter the execution phase because this will help you improve the overall maintenance. After every exercise, you also need to have some time for recovery so you can see your body improving and recovering so sleeping and resting is equally important. However, no matter what you choose, do not rush the process. It is better to start the first few weeks as the strength-building days and once you know that your body is strong enough only then start the actual workout.



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