July 11, 2020

7 Cool Activities For Teens With Depression

Dealing with depression can be exhausting. Not only does it tend to drain your physical energy, but sitting in a pool of your own negativity can lead to feelings of hopelessness—which can often become just as (if not more) depleting. Fortunately, there are some activities you can do to help you cope with your depression and start living life with a smile on your face again. Check out these activities for teens with depression.

Activities For Teens With Depression

1. Get out of your head.

Taking the first step toward recovery is often the most difficult part of the journey. But in reality, you can do much more than your mind sometimes wants you to think. Instead of thinking, “No, I can’t,” change your mantra to, “Yes I can.” You can have a better day today. You can find something good about yourself. Yes, you can.

2. Go outside the walls of your bedroom.

Grab some fresh air. Take some time to look at the world around you—the one outside of your bedroom. Soak in the little things you can find beauty in. And don’t stop there. Maybe even invest in taking a trip in a campervan, a boat or even a plane. After all, sometimes a change of perspective can make a big difference.

3. Reach out to someone.

Depression feeds on loneliness. Don’t let it. Instead, try picking up your phone and calling an old friend or loved one. If possible, meet with them in person and remind yourself that you are not a burden to them. Don’t let your mind trick you into thinking you don’t deserve companionship. Everyone does, which means, so do you.

4. Exercise

While it may seem like one of the last things you want to do when all of your energy feels like it’s been sucked out of you, exercise can actually have the opposite effect of being draining. In fact, it can be very energizing. Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean you have to go out and run a marathon. Instead, something as simple as taking a walk or going for a light run has been proven to help lift moods and fight depressive episodes.

5. Pick up an old hobby.

Do you remember what you liked to do when you were a child? Maybe you loved to draw, swim or read books. Chances are, you may still find joy in picking up some of your old hobbies. Why not give it a try?

6. Alexa, play “Happy Song.”

Turn up the happy music! Throw away your sad playlists (at least for now) and learn to dance again. Don’t be afraid to sing out loud either. Listening to positive messages instead of more negative ones can be a helpful step toward changing your mindset.

7. Start dreaming.

Consider journaling. Set up a list of goals for yourself and plan for the “future you.” However, don’t forget to give your “current self” some grace during this time too. Journeys take time, and that’s okay. Reflect on all the things you can be grateful for in your life so far, no matter how small, and remember that even better things are still to come. You’ve got this.

8. Be Open to New Culture Experiences

Think About Your Reality in the moment and think about previous moments in the past where your ancestors came from. Think about that culture and plant flowers from that geo-climate.

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