February 9, 2024

6 Ways To Style Your Favorite T-shirt

T-shirts are the staple clothing articles worn around the globe. According to a report, the t-shirt market is expected to reach $45.52 billion in 2024. This basic article owes its origins to the 19th century USA, where it was transformed from a single union suite to now beloved fashion pieces.

The widespread popularity of T-shirts has also accounted for numerous ways to style this article, from basic T-shirts to statement and graphic T-shirts. Thanks to the influencer era, every year, we get new and innovative ideas to style T-shirts.

Therefore, this article is going to explore six ways that you can style your favorite T-shirt.

1. Casual Weekend Vibe


Nothing screams weekend like going through an assortment of graphic T-shirts. These T-shirts can be paired with any trousers or jeans to create the perfect weekend look effortlessly.

The flexibility of basic graphic T-shirts is ever-expanding; the graphics can be selected depending on the occasion and timing. To avail yourself of a wide variety of T-shirts that complement your style, you can subscribe to a tshirt subscription.

Pairing a T-shirt with stretched, ripped, or skinny-fit jeans is an inexpensive way to create your ensemble. Additionally, you can pair the outfit with sneakers or sandals and other accessories like sunglasses, earrings, or bracelets.

2. Styling an Unbuttoned Shirt with a Basic T-shirt

When the warm summer nights are ending and cooler days approach, this look stands out as the optimal outfit: A basic and neutral color T-shirt under a floral or patterned open-worn shirt in combination with jeans or chinos works best.

You can also try out monochrome or colorful, check or stripe patterns, or even a denim shirt to elevate your look. If you stay true to your style and accessorize accordingly, you are guaranteed to look perfectly dressed in this look.

3. Style It with a Suit


The T-shirt is an absolutely versatile piece of garment and can provide a solid base for countless outfits and styling possibilities. Be it plain, striped, or patterned – the selection on the market is huge and caters to all styles, but the plain Tee remains a reliable option to turn to.

You can revisit the roots of T-shirts and wear them as originally intended, namely as an “undershirt.” A plain white T-shirt can be easily worn under the business shirt in a formal setting to leave a casual impression.

The modern, sporty-chic, and frequently worn variant is the T-shirt under everyday clothing, for instance, a sweatshirt. In order to increase your coolness quotient, the T-shirt can stick out slightly below the sweatshirt and thus also be visible and pleasing to the eye.

4. Pair It with Pants

A bold and striking design and pattern of a graphic T-shirt is the perfect recipe for a laid-back retro look. Bell-bottom pants or flared pants paired with bold-designed T-shirts can help you achieve the retro disco look.

In contrast, you could choose a floral pattern T-shirt with flared pants to create the post-modernism era look.

However, it is crucial to pair these outfits with the correct accessories to complete the ensemble. Therefore, pair cuff bracelets and heavy trinket jewelry with sandals to complete the retro look. You can also tie the T-shirt for a more edgy vibe.

5. Maximum Effort with Maxi


A quite underrated combo for styling a T-shirt is pairing it with a maxi skirt. The timeless and versatile quality of T-shirts complements the contrasting features of a maxi skirt, creating a perfect union of style and simplicity.

This ensemble is further enhanced by including a belt to tie the whole outfit together. Though the graphic T-shirt is perfectly capable of encapsulating your style, pairing it with leather boots and an oversized felt hat takes your outfit to the next level.

The extended shade of the hat and maxi is especially functional in summer or fall events. This complete outfit radiates a harmonious contrast of casual and boho chic looks.

6. Sporty Vibe


A recent trend has seen people pairing their favorite T-shirts with athletic shorts and joggers. This ensemble has become the definition of the young generation that prefers comfort over glamor.

Sporty T-shirts with motivational quotes or athletes are the most preferred option in this category. This outfit is often paired with running shoes and minimalist to no accessories apart from smartwatches.

The resurgent outlook of the masses toward physical and mental health has also contributed to the widespread popularity of this outfit after the global pandemic.


A basic plain T-shirt is a versatile clothing article in your wardrobe. This innate flexibility and adaptability of T-shirts make them an all-round choice for a variety of outfits.

There is no limit to the combinations of outfits you can achieve by pairing T-shirts with a wide variety of articles like jeans, trousers, skirts, etc. Whether it is a formal affair or a casual outing, T-shirts can be easily customized according to the occasion.

Moreover, the flexibility of T-shirts also allows the wearer to include different accessories seamlessly into their outfit.


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