March 23, 2023

6 Phase Meditation by Vishen Lakhiani

6 phase meditation

Vishen Lakhiani’s 6 phase meditation is the bestselling hyper-efficient meditation program that the world’s most successful entrepreneurs, athletes, musicians, and creators swear by. It’s the secret weapon they use to achieve peak performance at the fastest pace possible.

Using six unique thought exercises, this transcendent sequence produces peak states in its practitioners in minutes a day -- no special breathing or “clearing your mind” required. It’s a form of transcendent practice that’s designed to transform how you think, perform, grow, heal, and shape the world around you.

The first phase is a simple mindfulness exercise that helps you develop a deep sense of connection with yourself and your surroundings. It involves visualizing a bright, warm light that wraps up your body and gradually expands to your surroundings (city, country, planet).

Next, it’s time to release resentment from the past and forgive someone who has hurt you in some way. This won’t be easy, but it will help you move forward in your life and boost your self-esteem.

Finally, it’s time to create a vision for your future that’s aligned with your intentions for the day. During this phase, you’ll visualize your ideal day, from start to finish.

This meditation has been proven to increase your productivity, raise your awareness, and help you manifest goals. It also has the power to make you happier and more fulfilled, which is why some of the world’s top celebrities - including NFL Hall-of-Famer Tony Gonzalez and Canadian tennis star Bianca Andreescu - are using it.


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