January 25, 2024

6 Benefits of Working With a Flexible Packaging Partner Like ePac Flexibles

As a leader in flexible food packaging, ePac offers several advantages to businesses seeking high-quality print and custom packaging solutions. The company is built on state-of-the-art digital printing — the first supplier to do so in North America. If you need a packaging solution for your business, consider the six benefits of working with a flexible packaging partner.

1. Go To Market Faster

Digital printing provides unmatched speed, allowing businesses to go to market faster. The process doesn't require the time-consuming process of plate setups like traditional printing.

Also, because of less setup, businesses are not bogged down by high order minimums. Digital printing allows for on-demand printing, which boosts responsiveness to market demand and seasonal changes.

2. Create Deeper Connections

The combination of flexible packaging and digital printing also allows brands to focus on personalization and interactivity. A business can make products that use consumer names, locations or QR codes. Also, a company can embed AR triggers to take advantage of the rise in augmented reality.

Additionally, the cost-saving and efficiency of digital printing can permit brands to consider limited-edition packaging designs or focus on cause-related campaigns. This type of immersive storytelling is good for building community relationships and brand loyalty.

3. Reduce Costs

Custom flexible packaging is cost-effective. The lower minimum order quantities help reduce inventory costs and the risk of obsolescence. Also, the efficiency of digital printing translates to cost savings compared to traditional printing. Finally, with a flexible packaging partner like ePac, businesses gain expertise in material selection and pouch design, which can reduce material usage and cost.

4. Customize Packaging

Unlike traditional printing, digital printing allows for high-definition and complex designs. The option for all-over designs means packaging stands out on the store shelves. With ePac's team of experienced designers and technicians, businesses can develop brand-tailored packaging that stands out against competitors.

5. Environmentally-Friendly and Sustainable Services

In today's market, consumers want brands that consider their impact on the environment and the world as a whole. Digital printing is sustainable and environmentally responsible. The process reduces waste and uses less energy than traditional printing methods. Also, ePac uses and offers several sustainable packaging options made from compostable films and recycled materials. A partnership with ePac or a similar company demonstrates a commitment to environmental responsibility.

6. Quality and Safety

A flexible packaging partner should also use the highest quality materials and suitable inks to ensure products meet food safety regulations. Also, packaging and printing facilities should adhere to rigorous quality control standards. Before partnering with a business, check its certifications and compliance history.

When looking for a flexible packaging partner or custom mylar bags, ePac should be at the top of the list. Still, you must find a company that suits your business needs and print demands. Before signing a contract with any company, research printing and packaging firms in your area. Compare their offerings against this list to ensure you receive the maximum benefits from the partnership. Your business and, more importantly, your consumers deserve quality packaging.


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