July 20, 2022

5 Reasons Why Decluttering Leads to a Healthier Home


Throughout our lives, we tend to collect a lot of stuff, intentionally or not. We never really realize how much stuff we have until we need to sell our homes and go through to clear everything out.

Even if you think your home isn’t that cluttered, decluttering can be pretty cathartic because you have the chance to cull the items that you don’t use. Of course, there are other reasons why decluttering could lead to a happier, healthier home.

Here are 5 reasons decluttering is good for the heart and home.

1. Excess clutter causes feelings of anxiety and unease

When you’re surrounded by stuff that doesn’t have a purpose or doesn’t make you feel happy, there’s no point in keeping it. The odds and ends that serve no purpose to you will only take up space, make you feel anxious, and makes packing feel like an insurmountable feat.

2. Everything has a place

It’s frustrating when you put something somewhere and can’t find it when you need it again, isn’t it? It’s even more frustrating when you’re in a hurry and can’t find that all-important item.

Well, when you go through and declutter, everything has a place. If you need something, you know exactly where it is, and there’s no stress. It may be a challenge to get things back where they go, but when you make a solid attempt to stick to this “Everything in its place” mantra, it’ll become like second nature in no time.

3. House cleaning becomes easier

Most of today’s homebuyers will start searching for houses online, and it’s not uncommon for them to be drawn to a house with beautiful photos. Unfortunately, if your home is overrun by clutter, your photos are more likely to turn buyers away than to appeal to them.

Even if you aren’t selling your home, decluttering means you’ll spend less time cleaning or organizing your home and more time enjoying it. You’d be amazed by how much time you waste cleaning the clutter!

4. Your home will feel more peaceful and less chaotic

Have you ever dreaded going somewhere because you knew it would be crammed with people, or worse, was difficult to maneuver around because it’s so crowded with… Junk.

While these situations aren’t uncommon, you shouldn’t experience that kind of anxiety at home! If your home makes you feel on edge because there’s so much stuff, it’s time to declutter. Trust us, your home will feel more peaceful and less chaotic when you're done decluttering.

5. Tidiness leads to improved productivity

Working from home once was a luxury we could only hope for, but thanks to COVID-19, it’s a much more common phenomenon. Millions of people are now working from home, and one of the problems they face is maintaining productivity. It’s not uncommon for people who are surrounded by clutter to be distracted by the mess they’re surrounded by. Once you declutter, you’ll be able to focus on your tasks without distractions.

Who knows, you might even be more productive!


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