April 17, 2023

5 Benefits of Drain Camera Inspection

benefits of drain camera inspection aspley

A drain camera inspection is a great way to get ahead of plumbing issues before they become too costly. It's also a handy tool for homeowners who want to know what's happening underneath their homes without having to dig up their yards.

1-It Detects Root Intrusion

When trees and other large landscaping plants grow in the pipes, it can cause serious damage to your drains. Fortunately, plumbers can pinpoint the exact spot where roots have intruded thanks to sewer video cameras.

2-It Helps Locate Leaks

There are a lot of leaks that leave no clues, so locating them quickly is crucial for your home's safety. These leaks can lead to water damage and expensive repair bills if left unchecked.

3. It Prevents Sewage Leaks

Having a broken sewer line can allow sewage to flow into your yard and foundation. This can lead to health problems and other potential disasters.

4. It Helps Find Lost Items

Whether you dropped an earring or a wedding ring down the drain, a sewer camera inspection can help locate it and retrieve it. It's a great way to avoid having to replace a valuable item, and it keeps your family safe too!

5. It Can Save Your Grass and Shrubs

If you have a broken or cracked pipe, a sewer video camera inspection can help you identify the problem before you have to dig up your yard. This will prevent further damage to your lawn, shrubs, or other landscaping and it will preserve the quality of your soil, too.


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