November 16, 2021

4 Minute Meditation: Who Am I?

4 minute meditation

Do you ever just need a second to breathe and relax? Well if that is the case you are in the right place. We are finding you some of the best meditations out there right now. Whether you take a few minutes to just breathe or do a full hour guided meditation you will feel much better checking out our meditations. Check out this amazing 4 Minute Meditation below.

4 Minute Meditation

I love this meditation because the woman who leads it has such a calming voice. There is great background music with some strings that helps you relax throughout the video. Shiwani Di is the woman who leads this meditation. You should also check out some of her other videos.

Firstly, she asks us "Who Am I". She leads us through things that we truly are such as the soul, energy, and more. We take our attention to the center of the forehead to visualize a shiny point of light. It allows us to look at ourselves and see how lucky we are and how we should practice gratitude.

The light in the center of the forehead also radiates higher power energy and this makes you feel energized throughout your body. This whole idea helps us relax and meditate. This is a great one to do in the morning before work.

Video: 4 Minute Meditation


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