January 26, 2024

3 Spiritual Cleansing Rituals to Cleanse Your Aura

spiritual cleansing

Spiritual cleansing involves clearing away toxic energy from your mind, body and soul. Whether you feel off or simply need an energy boost, there are various rituals available that can help clear away negative vibes and restore positivity in your life. From smudging to spiritual bathing - here are some effective techniques you can use to cleanse your aura and bring light back into your life.

1. Visualize Yourself As Being Cleansed By White Light

To start spiritual cleansing, begin with some deep breaths to clear away mental clutter and ground yourself in the present. Next, close your eyes and imagine being washed over by white light as it slowly washes over each part of your body - either slowly, carefully illuminating each body part over time; or quickly with the intent of flushing away old or stale energy from each part.

2. Do a Full Moon Spiritual Cleanse

The full moon provides the ideal opportunity to conduct a spiritual cleanse as its power is at its greatest during this phase. To conduct such a cleanse, create a list of items you'd like to let go and burn your list during full moon for symbolic release of these things - this can help empower yourself while taking charge of your future and life!


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