February 8, 2022

3 Minute Meditation: Amazing Stress Relief

                                      3 minute meditation






Do you ever feel so stressed that you just need a break? Maybe you are dealing with pressures at work, or within your family? Stress from the world, financial obligations, or just life in general? If you’re living and breathing, then I’m sure you have. This is the perfect meditation for you. It targets your breathing and works to eliminate stress from your mind and body, in just 3 short minutes. Check out the 3 Minute Meditation below.

3 Minute Meditation

I truly love this mediation. Right from the second it begins, it dives right in. There are no music or sound effects that can sometimes be distracting and cause your mind to wander. 

With this meditation, there is simply the voice of a woman to help guide you with straightforward directions. You begin by closing your eyes and placing your hands on your knees. She then guides you to take note of how your body is feeling, as she tells you to take deep breathes. As you do this, you are able to take a measure of every little thing within your body from your fingers to your toes. This is done in a way to help with breathing and stress relief as it cuts right to the point. 

You don’t feel like you’re even meditating. When the 3 short minutes are up, you will want to play it back again, as it leaves you feeling such a sense of calm. This mediation is really great for bringing your wandering mind back to the purpose, and for me, that is very helpful as I can sometimes get lost in thoughts while trying to relax. 

Video: 3 Minute Meditation 




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