February 8, 2022

2 Minute Meditation: Calm & Confident

                              2 Minute Meditation







Do you ever feel stressed and overwhelmed, but the thought meditation doesn’t appeal to you? Perhaps you feel you don’t have the time to dedicate to it, or rather you feel that you have a hard time getting into a good headspace. This is the perfect meditation for you to try then. It’s a simple and quick meditation that can really help you restore the calmness within you, while also creating confidence to get you through the day in just 2 quick minutes. Check out this 2 Minute Meditation below.

2 Minute Meditation

I really love this mediation, because of its shortness and effectiveness. It’s perfect to listen to first thing in the morning, even before getting out of bed. It really puts you in a positive headspace to start your day off right. 

It starts off with the soothing sounds of water and nature, and then quickly you hear a soft and soothing female voice that guides you. The calmness in her voice makes it so that you immediately feel at ease.

In just a short of time, you really are transformed into a peaceful place. It really gives you a boost in the morning to add a pep to your step. 

This really is a great meditation for beginners, or for those who fear they’ll never have the time to get into meditation.

Video: 2 Minute Meditation


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