November 16, 2021

18 Minute Meditation: Hearing The Voice Of God

18 minute meditation

Do you ever just need a second to breathe and relax? Well if that is the case you are in the right place. We are finding you some of the best meditations out there right now. Whether you take a few minutes to just breathe or do a full hour guided meditation you will feel much better checking out our meditations. Check out this amazing 18 Minute Meditation below.

18 Minute Meditation

This meditation is great because it shows you a way to find a higher power or god. Also, even if you do not believe in god it is a great way to still relax. I love being able to just listen to a nice soft voice like this one and relax. You can hear God by listening during meditation and talk to him via prayer. Try it out sometime in the morning or before you go to bed.

The below meditation will allow you to hear god's voice. The speaker if a girl who is very calming and makes sure you feel comfortable on the journey. You may want to make sure you are alone in your room or safe space when you do this meditation. You may feel tired afterwards. Lastly, check the video out below and let us know what you thought of the meditation.

Video: 18 Minute Meditation


In conclusion, I hope you enjoyed this meditation. Also, check out some other meditations on our Meditation page. Furthermore, check out our Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

What do you think of this meditation? Have you used it before? It seems like it is pretty great, but I want to hear what you really think. Finally, please leave your thoughts and comments below or on our social media pages. You can leave a comment here or on our Instagram page.

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