March 26, 2024

15 Tips to Stay Motivated During Human Resource Management Dissertation Writing

So, you are already on the journey of writing your human resource management dissertation and facing many challenges. One of the main difficulties is staying passionate and motivated to dive deep into a topic, do thorough research within the HR field, and show your expertise through dissertation writing.

However, maintaining motivation for such a long-term project becomes tough, so we have simplified the whole process for you. We've compiled some simple yet powerful tips to help you stay motivated throughout your HRM dissertation journey. But this HRM is not going to stop anywhere soon because of its increasing demands in the market, which is clear from these HR statistics:

  • Over 380,000 businesses have nearly one million HR employees, as reported by IBISWorld.
  • The HR industry is projected to grow at a rate of 12.8% annually, surpassing the average growth rate of the US market.

In this article, we will share the top 15 strategies to keep your motivation high throughout the human resource management dissertation writing process. In addition, we will uncover its dissertation structure, topics, and many other queries that you may have. So, let’s begin with understanding what HRM is.

What is Human Resources Management?

Human resource management (HRM) involves overseeing and organising a company's employees to achieve its goals. This includes tasks like hiring, training, and motivating staff, as well as creating policies for their safety. Every organisation, regardless of size or industry, relies on HRM to keep its operations running smoothly.

Complete University Guide states that studying human resources management (HR) equips you with the skills needed for various management roles. You'll learn how to understand and manage people effectively, explore cutting-edge management theories, and develop a keen understanding of organisational structures in different business settings.

When it comes to writing a human resource management dissertation, students often lack motivation to do work on such a huge and difficult task. So, they mostly rush towards other helpful sources, including dissertation writing services, to get guidelines from them. They have expert writers who not only assist students in writing their dissertations but also keep them motivated for the long run.

Top 10 Human Resource Management Dissertation Topics for 2024

The following are some trending but unique HRM dissertation topic ideas that you can use in 2024:

  1. The Impact of Strategic Human Resource Management on Employee Development
  2. How Different Cultures in HRM Affect Business Success?
  3. Enhancing the Work Environment through Strategic HRM Practices
  4. Exploring the Role of HR Professionals in Promoting Employee Engagement
  5. Creating Risk Management Policies
  6. Linking Employee Safety to Training and Leadership
  7. Analysing the Influence of HR Departments on Company Culture
  8. HRM's Role in Implementing New Employee Onboarding Programs
  9. How HR and Management Drive Strategic Organisational Change
  10. Integrating Employee Engagement Initiatives into Strategic HR Management Practices

Human Resource Management Dissertation Structure

Before going to start writing your dissertation, you must carefully check out your university guidelines about its structure, formatting, word count, citation and many other things. It becomes easy to read and understand well-organised writing instead of a mixture of randomly written words.

So, for your ease, we are presenting a basic breakdown of the structure of the HRM dissertation:


This is the beginning of your dissertation where you will provide the introduction of your topic, along with explaining the human resource management dissertation research questions. You should discuss why it's important, and what you aim to achieve in your research.

Literature Review

This is the second chapter, where you will showcase your well-researched library. Here, you need to collect the relevant data on your topic from the survey of literature. Along with that, you should also find out the research gaps that your study can fill. It shows you've done your homework and understand the existing knowledge in this area of your human resource management dissertation.


This is where you discuss everything straightforward about how you conducted your research and what were your methods. Did you survey or interview people? How did you collect this data? How did you choose this research methodology? You should clearly elaborate on everything so that your reader can get an idea about your study at first sight.


This is the chapter of your human resource management dissertation where you need to do an analysis and express the findings. Here, you should showcase your discoveries in the most captivating and clear way. You can make use of images, graphs, charts and tables to express your findings. You need to present your research results as well as explain what they mean. Furthermore, critically analyse each finding and find a clear connection between the results and your research question.


The discussion chapter is one of the most important parts, and you need to be very thoughtful and express your points of view about your research and findings. Here, you should discuss your results clearly and also find out their implications. How does your research fit into the bigger picture of HRM? Are there limitations to your study? If yes, do not forget to discuss them here too.


This is your closing statement of the human resource management dissertation. Here, you should summarise your key findings and their significance. In short, a summary of your whole work is required here but with some uniqueness. You should also discuss your thesis statement here and offer some recommendations for future research or how your findings could be applied in the real world of HR.


This is the last part, where you will represent all the sources used. You can call it a bibliography containing information about all the researched data. You should make a reference list to show all the sources by following the required citation format.

How Can You Stay Motivated While Writing a Human Resource Management Dissertation?

Wondering how you would start this demanding journey where you have to struggle at each step. This is not a bed of roses where you can do anything easily. Instead, students face many ups and downs. Sometimes, they don't get the relevant data they want, are not able to communicate their problems with their supervisors, and don't understand how to complete such a huge task in such a short time. In all these situations, you need assistance from professional dissertation writers to help you keep motivated.

In addition to this, follow these some motivational tips that will help you to keep your morale and spirit high during human resource management dissertation writing:

Figure Out Why You're Feeling Demotivated

It's essential to recognise whether you're simply putting off writing or if you're genuinely uninterested in it (lack of motivation). Procrastination happens when you keep delaying writing, even though you want to complete it, while a lack of motivation means you have no desire to write at all. Understanding this difference will help you address the issue effectively. And remember, feeling demotivated doesn't mean you're incapable of writing; it just might make the process less enjoyable.

Recharge Your Motivation Regularly

Just like you need to rest and eat well to keep your body energised, it's important to refresh your motivation for human resource management dissertation writing, too. Find activities that boost your mental and creative energy, like chatting with colleagues, attending workshops, or enjoying hobbies that relax you. Pay attention to how motivated you feel and take steps to rejuvenate yourself when needed. This helps prevent burnout and allows you to maintain a steady pace in your thesis work.

Break Down the Larger Tasks into Smaller Ones

An HRM dissertation that is 15,000 or 25,000 words long may seem daunting at first. So, to make it more manageable, divide it into chapters, sections, and paragraphs. Establish attainable daily or weekly targets for finishing these sections. Every item you finish feels like a little win that keeps you inspired and moving on.

Write Every Workday

Set a target number of words to write each day, even if it's just a few hundred of your whole human resource management dissertations. Seeing your progress build up gradually will surely boost your motivation. Remember, you can always edit later, but getting your thoughts down is the first step.

Plan Your Work Hours

Rather than aimlessly working for long hours, you should break your day into sessions with specific goals. Assign tasks to each session and set a deadline to complete them. This structured approach helps you stay focused and productive, leaving time for other activities too. In this way, you will be able to write your dissertation on human resource management as well as do some extracurricular activities side by side.

Create a Writing Schedule

As you dedicate regular time to your human resource management dissertation, you'll find it easier to push past any initial reluctance. Planning and organising your work will make the next steps feel more manageable. Some days, you might find yourself writing for more than 20 minutes. As you make progress, gradually increase the length of your writing sessions and set goals for completing each chapter one by one.

Avoid Overburdening Yourself

It's normal to face challenges while writing your HRM dissertations. Instead of seeing these obstacles as impossible tasks, remember that they're a natural part of the process. So, if you feel stuck or unsure about what to do next in your human resource management dissertation, take a break for a few days. Then, reach out to your advisor or a mentor to discuss your concerns and find effective ways to move forward.

Take a Proper Break and Relax Yourself

Sometimes, taking a break can be the perfect way to boost your motivation for such a demanding task. Step outside for a refreshing walk, meet friends at the park or unwind with some TV shows. You'll come back feeling refreshed and ready to tackle your human resource management dissertation with renewed energy.

Collaborate With Your Study Partners

Having study partners can keep you motivated and also help you keep going during dissertation writing. Working with someone else who is just as committed as you can make your study sessions more enjoyable and efficient. Connect with other students pursuing dissertations in HRM. Create a study group, trade resources, or just express sympathy for experiencing writer's block. Plus, they can also help catch any mistakes you might have missed in your work.

Make a Progress Chart

Feeling like you're working hard but not getting anywhere can be really discouraging. That's where a progress chart comes to rescue you during the human resource management dissertation writing. It helps you keep track of your efforts and reminds you of what you're doing well and where you need to put in more work. Whether it's a simple to-do list or something colourful and fun, choose a method that makes you feel accomplished as you move forward.

Celebrate the Small Wins

Completed a review of the materials? Have you nailed a difficult interview? Celebrate now rather than wait for the final dissertation defence. No matter how tiny, acknowledge and celebrate your accomplishments. Take a nature stroll, see a humorous HR-themed film, or treat yourself to a coffee break.

Look to Others for Inspiration

Go through previous graduates' successful human resource management dissertations or published research articles in your area of expertise. Observing how other people organised their points of contention and handled the writing process. It will surely help you create a great source of ideas and direction and keep you motivated throughout this voyage.

Keep Encouraging Yourself

Repeating positive phrases such as "I will finish my dissertation by the end of the year" or "I'll make great progress this week" can be really beneficial. Saying these affirmations regularly helps focus your energy and keeps you motivated to write your thesis.

Remember, it's okay if you don't write the same amount every day. Some days, you might write a lot, while other days, you might write less. The important thing is to keep writing about your human resource management dissertation, even if it's just writing down rough ideas or random thoughts. So, don't let the quest for perfection hold you back.

Link Your Studies to Practical Applications

Consider the possible consequences of your study. What practical implications can your findings have for HR procedures? A strong motivator can be the knowledge that your research may have an impact. So, try to make a strong connection between your studies and the previous research and some real-world applications.

Reward Yourself for Reaching Milestones

Have you finished your initial draft of the human resource management dissertation? Completed a particularly difficult chapter? Create a system of rewards for yourself. This may be an elegant dinner with friends, a weekend enjoying session, or the reading of that book you've been admiring for a while.

Rewarding yourself keeps your motivation high and accelerates your dissertation dominance. However, if you still feel unmotivated, it would be better for you to buy HRM dissertation online from experts instead of compromising on your grades. They have a team of writers and editors that will perform your task on your behalf by solving all your worries.

What is the Main Purpose of Human Resource Management?

HRM plays a critical role in attracting talented workforce as well as nurturing, and keeping skilled workers who can help the company reach its goals. Its aim is to make sure the company has the right folks with the right skills and knowledge to put its plans into action effectively in the right place, at the right time. Top-notch companies use HR strategies like job design and diversity management to get the most out of their employees.

What are the 7 Main Functions of HR?

Human resource managers assist with management and staff development within the organisation. HR managers handle the following:

  1. Hiring and Staffing
  2. Employee Training and Growth
  3. Performance Evaluation
  4. Managing Relationships at Work
  5. Ensuring Legal Compliance
  6. Handling Compensation and Benefits
  7. Administrative Tasks and HR Systems


We all know how crucial it is to stay motivated during your human resource management dissertation process, and this is possible only if you do all the chores at the proper time. This is not a task of a day, month or year so students often feel demotivated during this lengthy journey where they have to work on the same thing during day and night.

To solve your worries, we have presented a proper dissertation writing structure that everyone can follow for organised work. Furthermore, we have shared the top 15 essential strategies to keep you motivated during this writing phase. Follow these tips to keep yourself motivated and on track to get good grades.


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