February 8, 2022

15 Minute Guided Meditation: Relieving Stress & Anxiety

                                     15 minute guided meditationDuring these uncertain times, I think it’s safe to say that feeling stress and anxiety is unfortunately all too common. If you are currently suffering from anxiety or a simple lack of peace, then this meditation is truly what you are looking for. It is a 15 minute guided meditation that aims to help you find peace in these uncertain times. Check out the 15 Minute Guided Meditation below.

15 Minute Guided Meditation

This is a very helpful meditation to help alleviate stress and anxiety. There is quiet, simple background music, with a strong and caring voice of a woman to guide you along. She helps your mind stay focused during the meditation. The guide knows that it is common, and very hard to clear your mind during meditation. She takes the pressure off by allowing for your mind to wander. She also helps you to get back to the purpose of the meditation, even if you’re not aware of your own wandering mind. Of course, don't forget to use homework solution website if you're a student who needs to get homework help immediately and relieve your stress.

The guide describes specific imagery for your mind to focus on. Specific imagery like inhaling radiant light, and exhaling dark gray energy out of your body. This imagery really helps you feel like you are physically letting go of any negative and toxic feelings. She has you repeat the mantra, “I am in control, I am safe, and I am guided.” You really come out of this meditation with a smile on your face, and a lightness in your body.

The great thing about this 15 minute guided meditation, is that it can be utilized in the mornings, or even at night. I personally love this meditation at the end of a particularly long and hard day. It allows me to shake off all the stress of that day, and go to bed feeling centered and relaxed.

Video: 15 Minute Guided Meditation



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