April 1, 2024

10 Day Alcohol Detox

10 day alcohol detox

Alcohol detox is an integral first step toward recovery from addiction, but can be daunting to undergo. Withdrawal symptoms may be intense but perseverance and self-care can get you through it successfully. Seek assistance from a detox center during this challenging phase and surround yourself with positive people to keep going forward on the journey to wellness.

Many alcohol withdrawal symptoms can be intense and life-threatening, making detoxing essential. Undergoing this process in a medical facility with trained staff will allow your body to slowly shed the alcohol it has stored up in its system while simultaneously alleviating withdrawal symptoms such as tremors, seizures, nausea vomiting and an increased heart rate.

At this stage, it's crucial that a healthy diet and lifestyle are adhered to, in order to give the body all of the necessary nutrients it requires while detoxing. Hydration through drinking water or herbal teas such as chamomile and peppermint teas may help soothe withdrawal symptoms while instilling an overall sense of calmness and ease.

Many heavy drinkers will experience detox symptoms immediately upon stopping their alcohol use or significantly decreasing their consumption, including headaches, tremors, nausea and vomiting or fever. More severe symptoms can include hallucinations or delirium tremens - these life-threatening disorders require high levels of pharmacological intervention - typically within 48-96 hours after ceasing alcohol use; seizures or sudden changes to blood pressure and heart rate may ensue as a result.


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